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Services & 

Traditional cremation, burial
or entombment as well as  
pre-planning services are provided.

We are committed to meeting the funeral needs of every family who calls on us and offer a full range of services.

These encompass traditional services such as cremation, burial or entombment. The hallmark of our service is flexibility and personalization as we try to accommodate the individual and specific needs of each of our clients in the funeral arrangements we make. Please let us know how we can assist you, and we'll let you know what is possible and the costs that are involved.


For an overview of all of our pricing, please refer to our General Price List, a standard document required of all funeral homes. 

(General Price List (as of June 2024).


For specific pricing for a Direct or Simple Cremation, you can find the itemization of our charges here: Cremation Statement (as of October 2022).


Our services also include pre-planning. You can sit down with us to get a sense of the many types of funeral arrangements that are possible and their costs. If you decide to pre-pay for a funeral, we rely on the New England Funeral Trust, an organization founded in 1987 to professionally manage pre-need funds and to reassure consumers that their money is protected. Please call us if you have any questions about pre-planning as we would be happy to provide you more information or discuss your specific needs and options.

About us

Working to provide attentive
and personalized service assisting each family with their individual needs since 1971

The Andrew J. Magni & Son Funeral Home has been a family-owned business since 1971, becoming incorporated in 2006. Andrew J. Magni and his wife Serafina devoted themselves to the business and community for over 50 years. Their second son, Arthur, joined them in 2000 after graduating magna cum laude from mortuary school. Arthur continues to run the business after his father's passing in July 2022.

Arthur Magni strives to follow the example set by his parents of providing attentive and personalized service as he assists each family with their individual needs. He takes seriously the responsibilities of caring for the deceased and their families. 

Presently he lives nearby in West Newton where he raised his two children.

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